Black Ops 4 Weapon Nerfed For The Second Time

Treyarch has reduced the power of the Reaver C86  for the second time. It has been thought of as one of the most overpowered weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Reaver C86 is a crossbow that was first added to the game back in mid-July. The reason why it’s considered overpowered due to its high fire rate and magazine size. After the operator mod attached, this reduced the time-to-kill, even with hip fire, to such a ridiculous extent that it made it the best run-and-gun weapon available.

The fact that the Reaver is only available in Black Ops 4’s reserves, aka loot boxes, hence it was totally luck which determined if you had possession of the weapon. And if you didn’t have it, this would obviously mean that you would be condemned to not be the top-ranking person in a game.

The Reaver was first nerfed by the Treyarch last week, and this week it’s nerfed it again. In a post on the Black Ops 4 subreddit, the developer said:

“In Multiplayer, Reaver C86 users will need to work harder to earn those EKIAs as we’ve further reduced hip-fire accuracy, lowered the fire speed between bursts, reduced the Titanium Bolt attachment’s bonus projectile speed, and reduced the base ammo count from 6 down to 2. Scavenger just became your new best friend.

“We’ve similarly reduced the hip-fire accuracy and fire speed between bursts for the Reaver C86 in Blackout. Reaver users can only get access to the base version of the weapon without attachments in Blackout, so you’ll need to time your shots perfectly to take down your opponents from here on out.”

This has reduced the power of the Reaver significantly but players are reporting the Reaver is still a powerful tool.

Activision’s monetization of Black Ops 4 has come under fire again. If the weapon hadn’t been in loot boxes, there wouldn’t have been much outrage. But loot boxes can be bought by money and that has made people angry. Let’s hope the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a game that finally ditches the season pass, avoids this issue.

Fingers crossed Infinity Ward and Activision do not put powerful weapons in loot boxes for that game.