Sony Patent Apparently Shows PlayStation 5 Design

PlayStation 5 hasn’t been announced officially and that won’t be so for until at least another year. But speculations about the specs have been rife for some time now. Some have been confirmed by Sony. Others are the product of alleged leaks. And the news will keep on coming it seems. Now a Sony design patent found in Brazil purportedly shows the design for the company’s PS5 console.

Game developer Matthew Stott, posted the following message on Twitter (via ComicBook), before deleting the tweet:

its a dev kit we have some in the office
Sony patent shows PlayStation 5 devkit – or maybe even the console itself via @MetroUK

— Matthew.Stott (@matt_stott_72) August 21, 2019

Matthew Stott is involved with Codemasters, who is a pretty big name in the gaming industry. The now-deleted tweet contained a link to a story about this new Sony patent. He said that his company already has some PS5 development kits in its office. There was an image attached in the tweet, which showed the patent that shows a PS5 dev kit, or maybe even the console itself.

Another person was involved with game development has posted more images showing the PS5 dev kit from various angles. (Click on the link to open the pictures.)

There’s no guarantee that the PS5 that ships to buyers sometime in late 2020 will be identical to this alleged dev kit. But it sure looks like the patent that Sony filed in Brazil shows a product design the Japanese company has already used and a design that’s now being linked to the PS5 by people who might be familiar with Sony’s plans.

The new PlayStation 5 might be unveiled as soon as next February during a so-called PlayStation Meeting 2020 press event. As we get closer to the PS5’s launch, we’ll likely see more leaks that might confirm the console’s design well before Sony makes it all official.