Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Early Access Has Been Announced

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord has been in development for too many years now. Some say that while this game was in development, other games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance have already expanded upon that idea. But now the game is finally going into early access.

TaleWorlds, the developers of Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, say that the game will enter Steam’s early access program in March 2020. This means that the game will be playable in less than a year.

The last Mount & Blade game that came out, was released a decade ago.  The reason why so many have become fans of it, is that unlike other medieval games, this game series lets you indulge in a power fantasy in a way that lets you believe you’re actually a medieval conqueror.

But only an access version after so long? The reason behind it is perfectionism, according to the Talewords CEO. Armagan Yavuz at Gamescom, while at PCGamer, had this to say.

We can test one path quite easily,” “But with a game as ambitious as Bannerlord, we need to test and check out maybe a million different paths.

Since TaleWorlds has only 90 developers, this means that they will need outside help to ensure this. Early access players are going to be the outside help in this case. In essence, this means that Early Access is just going to be another Beta version of the game.

“What it will be mostly for is making sure all these different interactions work, and the players are happy and have good feedback about all the different features,” Yavuz said.

He was careful to emphasize that the early access version of the game and the build players are seeing on the floor at Gamescom, are a long way off from a finished build.

This is not going to be the kind of game where early access is…
It’s at a very rudimentary stage.

This doesn’t really bode well if its truly at such a rudimentary stage. This is certainly not how it was talked about at Gamescom by the team. Let’s hope it becomes better.