GameStop Layoffs Target Over 100 People Including Half Of Game Informer

It’s no surprise to many gamers that GameStop is in a lot of financial trouble. However, the gaming journalism world finally got to feel that hit when news of GameStop layoffs appeared yesterday. The layoffs targeted over 100 different people, including around half of the staff of subsidiary magazine Game Informer.

GameStop has been suffering a great deal over the past few years with the rise of things like digital gaming purchases, not helped by its heavy-handed promoting of used games, unnecessary add-ons to purchases, and a lack of real selection.

The company has attempted to sell itself off in the past, only for that to not help it. Multiple CFOs have also previously taken the office and then stepped down, and recently the company laid off several dozen regional managers.

The GameStop layoffs of the past few days seem to be the next step in that as part of an initiative by GameStop to reboot itself. 14% of its total associate base at their company headquarters has also been laid off, in addition to all of the Game Informer layoffs.

At least seven of the editors at Game Informer made the announcement yesterday that they had been laid off on Twitter, nearly half of the magazine’s 19-strong editorial staff. The magazine, a monthly publication that often has news on a wide variety of hot upcoming games, is quite popular among many gamers.

Exactly what will happen after this latest brace of GameStop layoffs remains to be seen, but hopefully at some point Gamestop will be able to right itself and reboot it into something profitable.

this also leaves at least 120 people that are currently out of a job, so hopefully all of them can find work either at other video game publications or other companies in the future, and we wish them luck with future endeavors.