Destiny 2 Cross-Save – How to Transfer Progress

As you know Destiny 2 is going to Steam and you will be able to play Destiny 2 on Steam from 1st October. Due to this transfer between launcher and to allow console players to migrate to PC or PC to migrate to console, Bungie has launched Destiny 2 Cross-Save feature to transfer your progress between platforms.

Keep in mind that you can only cross-save the game not cross-play. So this is not an official transfer of the whole game to Steam, which is going to happen in October when Shadowkeep will release. Bungie wants everything to be clear so they are taking these steps to make your transfer seamless and problem free that you don’t lose anything.

Destiny 2 Cross-save


  1. Now that the cross-save process has started, you can go to the official Destiny 2 website to transfer your Guardians from the Blizzard Launcher to Steam so they are ready to play by 1st October.
  2. You may be already signed with any of your accounts, so keep in mind that you can only cross-save and play one account. So be careful in which account you cross-save because there is no going back after that. Link the account which has higher level of Guardians and stuff.
  3. Now first you will link your Blizzard account, they will ask for information for all of your accounts like Blizzard, PS4, Steam etc.
  4. After Blizzard, you can hit the steam link button. A new screen will pop up which will show the Guardians, Your License, DLC and Annual Pass content and everything you own in the game that will be moved.
  5. Now you will have to Sign in to steam to give access and after that your Destiny 2 will be cross-saved. That’s the whole process.

Now if you go to your steam library you may not see Destiny 2 there yet. But go to the store page and you will see that it says it will be unlocked October 1st. You can also Pre-order Shadowkeep there. This is quite simple process and you need not to worry about your progress, it will all be on Steam from October 1st. And you will also be able to play in your clan as well, but keep in mind that you cannot cross-play so every clan member should be on same platform.

That’s it from our Guide to Cross-save Destiny 2.