Warner Bros is Looking For A Community Manager For A New Game, A New Batman Game?

Two days ago, Warner Bros Games Montréal posted a job listing onto Warner Bros. Career website, looking for a Community Manager to “help build an engaged and loyal community for a AAA unannounced game” which could be a Batman Arkham game for 2019.

Now, the whole job posting is very interesting for a number of reasons and is definitely worth the read. First of all, is the timing. We all know that Gamescom 2019 is taking place right now and we haven’t seen any games from WB Montreal at the event yet.

Ever since the summer of 2018, we have been getting continuous leaks and rumors regarding a new Batman game, a sequel to Arkham Knight. Seeing that Gamescom 2019 is an event where developers show off the games they have been working on, this seems like the perfect moment for WB Games to show off this supposed Batman Arkham game.

The second is the position mentioned in the job listing. Since the role of a community manager is mostly associated with the public image of a product or a game, community managers aren’t hired early on in a game’s development.

They are usually hired at a time where the game can be hyped up, the developers can start promoting the game online, and a trailer is released. So if WB Games Montréal is posting a job listing for a community manager for an announced AAA game right now, then that means that game is definitely in a stage where a trailer can be shown to the public.

This is also interesting because we saw a number of job listings posted by Rocksteady Games earlier this year. Those job listings also mentioned an “unannounced AAA game.” But perhaps the most interesting part of those listings was that it mentioned this game was in development for “next-generation platforms.”

While a lot of speculation does point towards a potential Batman Arkham game, it wouldn’t be so far-fetched to also consider that this unannounced AAA game could be a brand new IP. Since we are seeing rapid development in the next-gen line of gaming consoles, with Microsoft announcing Project Scarlett and more information coming out regarding Sony’s PlayStation 5, it is highly likely that this “unannounced AAA game” could be WB Games Montréal’s way of introducing a new IP for the next-gen line of consoles.

As of right now, WB Games Montréal hasn’t announced anything official regarding any AAA games for next-gen platforms. Which is why the best thing to do right now is to wait and take this information with a huge mountain of salt.