Epic Games Announced The Opening Of A New Studio In Germany

With the tremendous success and growth that Fortnite has achieved in recent times, we have seen its responsible company, Epic Games, set out to explore different terrains when it comes to video game development and its very popular graphics engine, Unreal Engine.

A good example of this is found in the much talked about Epic Games Store, a huge commitment to the distribution of digital games with which they are trying to stand up against the leader in digital PC games, Steam. Now, the company seems to be preparing new things and for this, it has opened a brand new studio in Cologne, Germany.

As they have made public through their site’s official blog, Epic Games Cologne is the name of this new-found studio that will feature personalities such as Julian Eggebrecht and Achim Moller.

Both of them have previously worked on Factor 5 helping to bring to the market works such as Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and Turrican. Despite this, it seems that this study will not be directly dedicated to the development of video games, but that its functions will be more technological and could be focused on an alleged streaming service.

Julian Eggebrecht and Achim Moller will work at Epic Games Cologne as online technology director and executive director respectively, making use of recent experience in companies such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu to “expand the presence in emerging forms of interactive entertainment and streaming technologies”.

If this will result in a new study is something that remains to be seen, but considering the personalities behind it and the capabilities of Epic games to bet on, you may already prepare for something like xCloud of Microsoft or even the upcoming Google Stadia.

We will be attentive to bring any developments that arise in this regard.