Need For Speed ​​Heat Will Not Have Loot Boxes, But Paid DLCs

During yesterday there was a big announcement made about the continuation of one of the most successful driving franchises of video games: Need for Speed ​​Heat. The game was presented through a spectacular trailer.

In this way, Electronic Arts recovered once again a name that over time has lost some of the brilliance that accompanied it in its beginnings, and there should be no doubt that with this delivery they will seek to propel the brand to success.

On Reddit, there was a discussion around key points based on microtransactions. According to this Need for Speed ​​Heat will not present loot boxes or ‘surprise mechanics’ of any kind that can seek to take advantage of the players. However, they do plan to make use of some paid DLCs that will include additional vehicles or functionalities that will greatly facilitate the work of finding collectibles scattered throughout the map, as an example.

In this way, Need for Speed ​​Heat manages to dodge what many would consider a dangerous bullet in its beginning. In case you missed it, this is how EA describes this new delivery:

Need for Speed ​​Heat will take players to Palm City, a new open-world where street pilots gather to achieve fame and recognition among other drivers. For the day, players will compete in Speedhunters Showdown, an authorized competition with which to win funds with which they can customize and improve their garages with high-end vehicles. Instead at night, it will be the same players who will risk everything to gain their reputation in street races at the mercy of corrupt police forces that will try to stop the runners to get all their winnings. The roads, the risks, and the route will never end in this title of street races where the players will roll accompanied by their band and they will mount their own garage full of vehicles until turning the city into the definitive circuit

The new production of the franchise will launch on November 8 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.