DOOM Eternal Shows Its Multiplayer, Battlemode In An Extensive Gameplay Trailer

Bethesda has shared the first official trailer of the DOOM Eternal multiplayer. We still don’t know how many game modes it will have but this is the first one that they show without teasers in between.

Battlemode will be an asymmetrical game mode in which two player-controlled demons will have to end a “Doomguy” also controlled by a player.

The marine will have at his disposal many weapons and tools as well as the possibility of traveling with portals at the ends of the map. The demons will have their special abilities, the possibility of setting traps and much more. In the end, the objective is the same for each side, killing each other.

The DOOM reboot was one of Bethesda’s best decisions, the shooter was one of the games of the year in 2016 and few other games have delivered the frantic action we got in that game. However, its multiplayer, although funny, fell a little short compared to Call of Duty or Battlefield of the moment so it shows that they have decided to improve this for this delivery.

In addition, this game mode will continue to receive maps, demons, weapons and much more completely free of charge.

So far they have shown three demons that we can play with: Revenant (a UAC Marine with cannons on his back), The Pain Elemental (he has a floating head that can fly out of the marine’s reach and launch hard-to-dodge projectiles), and the Mancubus (a huge earth demon with portable cannons in each hand, not the one with the most mobility but the toughest one).

In addition to these you’ll see the typical possessed and other stronger demons such as Hell Knight that will be present but we will not be able to control. They will be part of the traps that we can set for the marine.

We remind you that DOOM Eternal is scheduled to arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia and PC on November 22.