An Alleged Image About Bully 2 Has Been Leaked, Probably Fake

For more than a year, multiple rumors and leaks have indicated that Bully 2, the hypothetical sequel to the creation of Rockstar Games, is under development.

In the middle of last year, the Game Informer portal leaked the title for PlayStation 4. Quickly after that, unfortunately, Game Informer tweeted about it, said it was a mistake, and removed it immediately.

Another rumor was when Rockstar placed Bully merchandising in their content section that is yet to come, and the truth is that we found quite a few different products, but new merchandise from Bully does not necessarily mean that it refers to a new installment of the saga.

Several images have also been published as a conceptual art about a possible sequel to this title. Nothing has been confirmed.

So far, the company has never ruled on a possible successor, but one more leak has rekindled the flame of expectations. This, specifically, refers to an image received by TheNathanNS, a YouTube user who claims to have received the first official capture of the title thanks to an internal source.

The photo in question allows us to appreciate a pause menu located in the map section, whose interface also allows us to glimpse the presence of an online section, which is in line with the design decisions recently made by the developer with Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption.

However, once again and for the regrets of those who crave for Bully 2 to be a reality, we can only say that it is a speculation. Therefore, we recommend taking it with a certain degree of skepticism, especially because there has been to many unconfirmed rumors when it comes to Bully 2.

When Rockstar Games will finally address some of these rumors still stays a huge mystery.