THQ Nordic Timesplitters Games Get Steve Ellis To Help Them In The Future

THQ Nordic’s quarterly earnings report has been published, and alongside all of the normal business stuff, the company also announced that THQ Nordic Timesplitters games in the future will have Steve Ellis to help developers with their games. THQ Nordic had previously acquired the rights to Timesplitters last year in 2018.

Timesplitters is one of those sorts of series that many might say is an overlooked classic. The first game launched in the year 2000, the third and last one, TimeSplitters: Future Imperfect, being released in 2005 with no news of future games for the past 14 years.

While the draw to Timesplitters might not have been the actual story, the games did get a lot of praise from gamers for their highly inventive characters and the sheer breadth of their multiplayer modes, which is likely the reason gamers are still clamoring for them.

Hopefully, with future THQ Nordic Timesplitters games having Steve Ellis on their side to direct them, whatever new Timesplitters game ends up coming out in the future will be able to capture that same sort of magic for fans.

Timesplitters would only be the most recent vintage game that THQ Nordic brings back into the spotlight as well. The publisher also stated in its earnings report that they were working on remakes of Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom, and a remade version of the original Destroy All Humans game.

However, even despite the excitement that new THQ Nordic Timesplitters games could bring, we still don’t have any real idea of when the game will be coming out or what it will involve. Hopefully, though, with Steve Ellis helping in development, it will be able to capture the feel of the original games.

Timesplitters also isn’t on THQ Nordic’s list of games that they will be bringing to Gamescom later this month, so don’t expect any new information from them at that point, either.