System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition Announced By Nightdive Studios

Hackers beware, Nightdive Studios has announced that they’re currently working on a System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition, allowing you to relive the terror of everyone’s favorite(?) homicidal god-complex-having supercomputer, SHODAN. This is a revamping of their original System Shock 2 re-release from 2013, but there’s still no word on any progress of System Shock 3.

System Shock 2 is one of those rare, great games from the 90s, and was the sequel to the original System Shock game that came out back in 1994. Since its release we’ve not heard much of anything about System Shock 3, though it’s since been stated to be getting worked on by OtherSide Entertainment. Nightdive Studios is also working on a System Shock remake, which will be releasing in 2020.

System Shock 2 takes place in the far future of humanity, where a soldier has found themselves on the state-of-the-art ship Von Braun, only to find themselves in the middle of a nightmare as a parasitic alien life form known as “The Many” has taken over the ship, led by SHODAN, the main antagonist of the series.

The player must find a way off the Von Braun while at the same time stopping SHODAN from completing her own plans and destroying The Many, which brings them into contact with everything from mutants to homicidal robots.

We don’t know exactly what the System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition will actually look like when it releases, but hopefully we’ll be getting a gameplay video soon to let us see what we can expect from the game. Nightdive Studios has also not given us a release date, so we’ll have to wait and see about a lot of different information.

In the meantime, we’ll have to keep an eye on both Nightdive and OtherSide to see when each of their different System Shock games will be coming out in the future.