TheGamingRevolution Talks About Spreading Fake Jason Blundell Firing Rumors

TheGamingRevolution has a pretty strong record when it comes to getting info about Call of Duty.  His leaks about a Black Ops 3 Zombies DLC proved to be very accurate. But he has also made mistakes, as do we all. Now in a twitter thread, he talks about the Jason Blundell firing rumors that he had a pivotal role in spreading.

Jason Blundell is a senior executive at Treyarch. Recently, several sources, including TheGamingRevolution had said that he had been fired because he was drunk and leaked rumors.

This was fueled by the fact that Blundell wasn’t in the recent streams and his name had been removed from the website.

Then, Treyarch stepped in. Normally, Treyarch takes a backseat and let realities confirm or deny rumors. However, this time they felt it was necessary to quash the rumors.

TheGamingRevolution deleted the thread and was suspiciously quiet about it.

Until today.

He wrote a full thread explaining the reason behind the rumor, how he normally gets his news and why he couldn’t have avoided this.

He started the thread with a screenshot of a reddit post which said that he has no Intel at all. He explained what had caused the error in his judgement.

Then he continued by admitting that he had been at fault.

Then he says that given the circumstances, there wasn’t much else that he could do. But he had honestly apologized.

He ended the thread with this.

So there you have it, folks. Do you think TheGamingRevolution is just trying to cover his bases? Or is it sincere? We do think it’s sincere but you never know. Stay tuned for more developments.