Upgraded Nintendo Switch Model Might Not Perform Better

Despite what we might have expected, the upgraded Nintendo Switch model might not have better performance. Thanks to a Youtuber channel’s comparison videos it seems like the launch hardware has a “negligible difference” in performance. However, download times could be faster.

YouTube channel GameXplain deserves the credit for finding this out. They did this by comparing the time it took to load Super Mario Odyssey version 1.3 from the internal memory of both systems.

From startup, both consoles took around 20 minutes to get to the main menu. In what might be a shock to all, the upgraded system took a second more.

Then, the video compared the time it took to traveling from the Cascade Kingdom to New Donk City. Both systems took 12 seconds.

“So far, any difference appears to be entirely negligible,” said the video commentary, “with a small gap possibly being chalked up to the same random fluctuations we’ve noticed in load times even on the same Switch.”

On Breath of the Wild version 1.6, warping from the Great Plateau to Kakariko Village took about 18.5 seconds on both Switch models.

“As far as we can tell from the handful of tests that we’ve performed, loading times seem to be unaffected between the new and original Switches to any meaningful degree.”

GameXplain then compared download speeds. Super Mario Maker 2 was downloaded three times on the two Nintendo Switch. After that, the times were averaged. This was done to reduce random factors.

In this regards, the new NitendoSwitch performed way better. On average, the download took 16 minutes and 40 seconds (1,000 seconds) on the old Switch. In comparison it took 15 minutes and 16 seconds (916 seconds) on the new Switch – nearly 10% faster.

The video points out that Super Mario Maker 2 is a relatively small download, weighing in at about 3GB. Users could therefore potentially save even more time when downloading larger games such as Breath of the Wild (14.4 GB).

The upgraded model boasts significantly improved battery life and a different version of Nvidia’s Tegra chip.

The new Switch model will launch in “mid-August” in North America and Japan, and early September in the UK, although Hong Kong and Australian stores have already started selling it.

Nintendo’s official estimate for the new Nintendo Switch’s battery life is between 4.5 and 9 hours, compared to the original model’s 2.5 to 6.5 hours and 3 to 7 hours offered by the upcoming Switch Lite.