Police Says That Twitch Offices Are No Longer Under Threat

According to Business Insider, the headquarters of the Twitch streaming platform in San Francisco dawned on alert Tuesday after a Twitter post hinted at the possibility of a shootout at its facilities.

During the afternoon, the San Francisco police clarified that there was no longer a threat and delegated the corresponding investigation to their special investigations department.

An officer of the San Fransisco Police Department confirmed to Kotaku that Twitch has received several threats in recent days and that it seems they are coming from the same person.

Both Twitch and the police remained airtight during the first moments of the contingency and were employed by the company itself who, in social networks, detailed the nature of the emergency. Subsequently, Twitch stressed that the safety of its employees was a priority and, with that in mind, would provide the option of working from home.

Here was a statement from a Twitch representative:

On Tuesday they revealed a threat against our headquarters in San Francisco. We have been working directly with the legal authorities while investigating. The safety of our employees is our priority and we are focused on ensuring that this is resolved quickly and safely.

The event took place in the framework of the unfortunate shootings of El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, which took place last weekend and left 31 people dead. Immediately after these events, some American politicians, including the president, Donald Trump, insisted that the violent nature of some video games played a role in the escalation of armed attacks.

In response, Cory Barlog, Reggie Fils-Aime and other industry figures, as well as the former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, went out to defend the gaming environment, focusing the debate, again, on gun ownership policies inside the country.

Unfortunately, video games are not saved from this event. Last year, a Madden competition in Florida, USA was also the scene of a shooting with some victims.