Square Enix Announces End of Star Ocean: Anamnesis for the West

Square Enix has announced that it’s shutting down Star Ocean: Anamnesis for the West. The announcement was somewhat shocking since the western version of the game was only released a year ago.

The Japanese version of the free-to-play RPG will continue to operate, however, the English version will be shut down on November 5, 2019.

Square Enix broke the news on twitter. In the post, they said how that it was with a “heavy heart” that they were concluding the service.

The game was set in the Star Ocean series. This is a series of role-playing games that have been present on different consoles.

The last proper game was Star Ocean V. This game was not popularly received. As a result, Square Enix decided to release Star Ocean: Anamnesis instead of Star Ocean VI. Anamnesis is a mobile gacha game in which players collect characters and form fighting squads. As is often the case, fans weren’t particularly pleased with this.

However, the mobile game wasn’t that disliked. Square Enix announcement of the game’s cancellation doesn’t make sense, therefore. No official reason has been given either.

In-app purchases have been disabled, however, gems already owned can still be used till the end of the service. If players still want to play the game, they can unlock character by playing specific missions. In short, players should start saying their farewells to the game.

Let’s hope the Star Ocean franchise returns to glory soon.

Square Enix Gamescom Line up

In related news, Square Enix recently announced their lineup for GamesCom.

People are already very excited about Gamescom. Part of the reason this is so, is because Hideo Kojima will be discussing more details about Death Stranding at the event.

Other than that, we are sure to expect a lot of new updates regarding games from the event. Square Enix has announced that they will have playable demos. The games will be Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy XIV Online, Kingdom Hearts III, Marvel’s Avengers, and Trials of Mana.

The one games that stick out from this list in Kingdom Hearts III. It has already been released then why are they making us play the demo again? Is there a chance that it will be a new version of Kingdom Hearts III? We won’t know until GamesCom comes around.

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