PSN is Down, Major Outage Causes Users To Face Issues Around the Globe

Sony’s PlayStation Network Service (PSN) is reportedly suffering from a major server outage right now with millions of players being affected across the globe.

The PlayStation Network server outage was reported yesterday on Reddit. PSN users reported that they were being signed out and couldn’t log back in again.

In addition to this, PlayStation Network users also reported that they were getting a notification saying they needed the PSN+ subscription service even though they had already subscribed to the service.

The majority of the reports are coming in from the United States and some from Europe. But this doesn’t mean that the PSN outage is only limited to these regions. So far, the outage only seems to be affecting PSN Account Management and gaming services. Downloading seems to be working so far as reported by one PSN user.

A lot of PSN users took to Twitter to express their frustration and demanded answers for the server outage.

In a Tweet made through the official Ask PlayStation Twitter account, Sony acknowledged the situation and said that their teams are investigating the PSN server outage.

But if PlayStation Network services are working for your PlayStation, there are a couple of things you can do to make sure that you don’t experience the outage. These are simple precautions. It is important for us to note that these may or may not completely work but you should still do them just to stay safe.

Don’t turn off your console if PSN is working for you. A majority of these reports say that the PSN account sign-in problem happened when they either turned their console off or logged out. So if PSN is working for you, as a precaution you can keep your PS4 console on for the time being. In addition to this, if PSN is working for you, don’t sign out of your account.

If you are experiencing the PSN service outage, you can always resort to any physical titles if you have them. Provided an online connection isn’t required. You can play single player games for the time being.

Back in July, a major security flaw in the PlayStation Network (PSN) Security System was exposed, which Sony had to address. These types of outages aren’t uncommon. These issues can happen all the time, especially with online services like PSN. It is likely Sony will manage to fix this PlayStation Network (PSN) outage soon and you can go back to playing your favorite games online.