Pokemon Sword And Shield Galar Research Enriches Your Experience

The Pokemon Company gave us more details about Pokemon Sword and Shield today in a previously announced Galar Research Update. What caught our focus was details about the rival team and a cute new Pokemon. The update also discussed other new Pokemon and variants.

Bede and Marnie are part of “Yell Team”. They are basically the Rocket Team of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Bede has curly hair and a long maroon coat.

Marnie wears a leather jacket and has a punk vibe. Since Yell Team is also called “Marnie’s wild fans”, this might mean that she is the leader of the team.

The other members of the Yell team also have that punk theme going for them but with an what seem to be a X painted on their faces.

Morpeko is one of the creatures introduced in the new update. The Pokemon Company has told us that it’s “a form-changing Pokemon discovered in Galar,”. It’s an electric/dark type.

What do they mean by form changing? Well, they have revealed that Morpeko changes forms because of the cutest reasons. It changes forms when it doesn’t get food.

Yes, you heard it right, one of its forms is full belly and the other is Hangry. When it goes into this form, Morpeko’s Aura Wheel move changes from electric type to dark. We don’t know for sure if the creature has more forms that are yet to be revealed.

Morpeko has a distinctly rodent like look to it. Considering that it runs inside the Aura Wheel,  we would say its meant to resemble hamsters. Part of its charm comes from the nostalgia as well, we suppose.

Morpeko DOES resemble Pikachu after all. But that has become quite common in the new generations of Pokemon.

While not as cute as Morpeko, Galarian forms were revealed for Weezing and Zigzagoon. The latter has a new evolution, Obstagoon, which evolves from Galarian Linoone.

Galar is supposed to be based on United Kingdom. Does Galar have a Brexit problem as well? We won’t know until Pokemon Sword and Shield is released on the 15th of November.

What we do know, is this.  The Pokemon Company will be opening up a pop up store in London. It will be opening up this October, leading up to the November launch of Sword and Shield. To the Londoners: grab the merchandise before Team Rocket steals it!

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