David Cage Thinks PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett Can Hurt “Mid-Range Developers”

In a recent interview, Quantic Dream’s David Cage highlighted some of the problems he thinks that the next generation consoles will bring. In particular, Cage talked about the major weaknesses of Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5. For those who don’t know, David Cage is the creator of games like Heavy Rain and last year’s Detroit: Become Human.

According to Davide Cage, it is clear that the next-gen consoles will have a lot of advantages and strengths but they will increase development costs, therefore “harm mid-range developers” such as Quantic Dream. Cage said that developers will need to upgrade every part of the hardware to meet the demands of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.

Here’s what Cage said:

There will certainly be several significant improvements to the next-generation games, but not so much to the degree and features that companies are currently promoting. More power means more choices for developers to play. It also means more complexity, a larger production cycle and of course a bigger budget. Because of this, there is a chance that there will be room for only large franchises.

Cage admitted that the upcoming technology has many strengths including high CPU power, which will bring improvements in physics and AI. He also talked about next-gen GPU improvements and how it’s capable of delivering “Ray Tracing in Full HD or Full 4K resolution (without Ray Tracing).”

Despite these all-new features, Cage said most people don’t know that many of the aspects that consoles seem to focus on are difficult to achieve. For instance, you can get 8K only if you have an 8K screen.

You can have 8K content only if you have an 8K screen. You can do 8K, but probably not 8K AND Ray Tracing. If you have 8K content, the volume of your assets will grow very significantly, their size in memory and on your hard drive too. You will also need to load them very quickly from your storage device to the memory, so this pipeline will also need to be proportionally faster, Cage said.

8K looks great on paper but it will bring a whole bunch of difficulties for Quantic Dream. Furthermore, Cage that said Quantic Dream’s current analysis reveals that very few studios will aim for 8K because it will bring many compromises on the overall quality of the game. In addition to this, he said that Ray Tracing will be so expensive that we will only see Full HD titles using it.

Cage’s statements are really worth giving attention to. Hopefully, Sony and Microsoft will do their best to support mid-size studios.

Quantic Dream’s last game Detroit Become Human was another hit by the studio. The visuals of the game are breathtaking. With that said, we can only imagine what Quantic Dream games will look like on next-generation consoles like Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5. To find out, we will have to wait.

Meanwhile, PC players can finally play Quantic Dream games like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls via Epic Game Store.