New Pokemon Trailer Shows New Pokemon, New Rivals, New Villainous Team

Just as they advertised yesterday, early this morning Nintendo released a new Pokemon trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield. The trailer showed off two new Pokemon, two new rivals, and a new villain team. Along with that, Nintendo also released some more information about the game’s various side activities.

To start off with, we have the Pokemon. We actually got three reveals in the trailer, along with a number of different Pokemon mechanics, but only two of the Pokemon we were shown are actually new, because Nintendo has unveiled Galarian Forms for Pokemon, much like Alolan Forms in Sun and Moon.

To start off with, we have Garlarian Weezing, which retains its normal two-headed look but with smog goatees and massive top hat-like growths that double as stovepipes. Galarian Weezings feed off of pollution and actually expel clean air, in a contrast to their Kanto cousins.

Next, we have Obstagoon, part of the evolutionary chain of Zigzagoon, which also gets a Galarian Form. The entire evolutionary line, which is now colored black and white with prominent lolling tongues in reference to famous rock band Kiss (which was quite popular in England) gets a third evolution with Obstagoon, and the entire chain becomes Dark/Normal.

For the second of the new Pokemon we see in the new Pokemon trailer, there’s Morpeko, an Electric/Dark Type with the new ability “Hunger Switch.” You’d best keep it on a full stomach, or it will change from its Full Belly mode to HANGRY Mode, which will change its signature move Aura Wheel from Electric to Dark.

Along with the new Pokemon, we’ve also gotten new rivals beyond Galar champion Leon’s little brother Hop. This includes Bede, an ambitious trainer who seems to specialize in Psychic-types, and Marnie, a girl trainer who also leads the game’s villain team.

This villain team, Team Yell, appears to be based on British chavs and soccer hooligans that cheer her on in battle and include a large amount of merch for her, including body pillows.

Nintendo and Game Freak will likely show off more Pokemon stuff in the future, but until then you can continue waiting for Pokemon Sword and Shield until it comes out November 15 exclusively for the Switch. To see the new Pokemon trailer for yourself, just follow this link.