Kojima is Celebrating Something Before Gamescom, What Is It?

Just a few days ago, we learned that Hideo Kojima will be appearing at the upcoming Gamescom 2019 event on August 19th to discuss details about his latest game, Death Stranding. Yesterday, Hideo Kojima celebrated the completion of the Japanese voice-over dialogue for Death Stranding.

Apart from E3, Gamescom is perhaps one of the biggest gaming events of the entire year. With various games and their developers making at an appearance, talking more about their games, and fans interacting, there’s a lot of anticipation regarding Gamescom 2019.

One of the most prominent games set to make an appearance at Gamescom 2019 is Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding.

With Death Stranding’s release date almost upon us, it seems there’s still a lot of development left. In a Tweet made through his account yesterday, Hideo Kojima posted a group photo of him and the Japanese voice-over team for Death Stranding. According to the Tweet, the Japanese voice-over work for Death Stranding has just finished which could mean several things for the game.

We’re less than a 100 days away from Death Stranding’s release date and voice over work is something that’s done usually before the final production phase in a game’s development. Since the Japanese voice-over work has just finished now, it means that the voice tracks haven’t even been compiled yet with the game. This also means that the final disc (or at least the Japanese version) of Death Stranding hasn’t even finalized yet.

This strongly suggests that the development of Death Stranding has not fully finished yet. This is something that has been rumored for a while now and may very well be the case. This is interesting since we are now also hearing about a PC port for Death Stranding as it seems more and more likely.

On the other hand, it is very common for games to get separate trailers with respect to regions, especially Kojima games. So, this voice-over work may very well be for a Japanese trailer for Death Stranding that Hideo Kojima intends to show at Gamescom 2019.

It is important for us to note that since Hideo Kojima or the game development team haven’t officially said anything about a delay in Death Stranding’s release date, this is all speculation at this point. If there’s anything important regarding Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima will probably reveal it at Gamescom 2019.

Death Stranding is being developed by Kojima Productions and Sony Interactive Entertainment exclusively for PlayStation 4. Pre-orders for the game are now open with a November 8, 2019 release date.