PlayStation 5 And Xbox Scarlett SSD Hard Drive Will Allow For More Diverse Worlds

Ricardo Seligmann, the Spanish developers of the Killsquad video game, has spoken with the GamingBolt portal about the benefits of next-generation consoles like PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett.

And, although he has done it specifically for the PS5, the truth is that his words also counts for the Xbox Project Scarlett since both machines will provide us with a similar custom SSD hard drive.

“These types of features characterize a fast loading of content, ” recalled Ricardo Seligmann, who went into detail what this can bring to the table, from the most logical and expected, up to some interesting options with variety projections.

This will make loading screens somewhat less annoying, and it will also make it easier for us to have more enemies on the screen, as well as particle effects and even load more scenarios on the fly without compromising the performance of the video game in question.

According to Seligmann, this type of thing guarantees video game creatives creating and executing “more diverse and more interesting worlds,” although we will still have to wait a bit to see this type of effects in upcoming video games.

Novarama is not the only study that has important notions about new generation consoles and their benefits; for example, EA has already publicly acknowledged that it is already working on its first games for PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. It definitely looks like we can anticipate EA’s regular Sports games, like their Fifa and Madden brands to be cross-gen releases in 2020.

All of this is interesting because subsequent developers believe in the SSD capabilities offered by Sony in PlayStation 5. The revolution probably will not come the next day after the next-gen premiere, but throughout the entire generation, the components used can provide developers and players with a lot of satisfaction.