Nintendo May Launch A Switch With A Sharp IGZO Display

Nintendo has already begun to launch its newly announced Nintendo Switch model with a better and more durable battery in some countries.

They have also scheduled the premiere of Nintendo Switch Lite in September 2019, a more complete revision that, to a lower price and with less functionality, try to reach a new audience from platforms such as Nintendo 3DS.

Now, according to The Wall Street Journal, the Japanese company would also be preparing something else.

The newspaper says that there is an agreement between Nintendo and Sharp to create screens for future updates of the console “to make the Switch life cycle longer.” The Wall Street Journal described that the IGZO display “is a semiconducting material that the Osaka-based display maker was first to use in mass-produced display panels. Its features include high resolution, low energy consumption, and durability.”

Katsuaki Nomura, vice president of Sharp, has reported that he is working on IGZO screens for an indeterminate video game company, but how do we know for a fact that this is for Nintendo?

At the moment, there are no more companies that have portable consoles in their catalog. So it’s most likely the Nintendo Switch unless someone somewhere is going to announce a portable console, which is highly unlikely. But who knows, anything can happen in the video game industry.

Those IGZO screens are the ones used in some 8K TVs. Although this does not indicate that the Nintendo Switch will reach this resolution data, it is likely an increase to Full HD (1080p) compared to the current 720p, which in turn would require a console with more power.

Nothing has been announced officially. But this will be a positive move by Nintendo, simply because the Switch will be more durable and the resolutions will be better looking.