Hideo Kojima Will Share An Exclusive Look At Death Stranding This Month

Hideo Kojima will be at GamesCom on August 19th to discuss Death Stranding! Yes, you heard it right. Kojima might just reveal more details about Death Stranding in less than two weeks! Or considering he is Hideo Kojima, he might just end up confusing us even more.

Geoff Keighley, who will be hosting the opening night of GamesCom 2019 broke the news via a tweet.

GamesCom 2019 Opening Night will have around 15 publishers who will be sharing updates or announcements. These include 2K, Activision, Bandai Namco, Bungie, Capcom, EA, Epic, Google Stadia, Koch/Deep Silver and Private Division. SO

Death Stranding is a game about connecting the world. Literally. The game has you traversing the landscape using ladders and other such equipment. But how is this different than a bridge builder simulator, you ask? Well, you are Norman Reedus(of Walking Dead fame) and you have a “bridge baby”( a baby suspended in a flask full of some liquid).

Confused? Well, there are also giant slendermen-esque monsters that appear in ads. But wait, there are also World War 2 reenactments, but everyone is on fire. And everytime Kojima has explained more, it has only added to the confusion. It seems like we will have to wait till its released to actually understand what’s up with the game.

If, however, after playing it you end up being even more confused, you can turn to us for interpretations.

Hideo Kojima says Death Stranding “in crunch time of dev”

In similar Kojima related Twitter news, we have a tweet from the man himself. He tweeted:

And what? Is this a joke? Is this serious? Are we not reading this properly? Does it mean something else?

Because if this is a joke, then its in bad taste. Crunch culture is not a joke, especially not in 2019. Naughty Dog has been the focus of much criticism recently, because of 14-hour workdays.

If he’s actually serious and he’s using this as a statement for how hardworking the devs are, that’s just a big no. He shouldn’t trivialize worker exploitation by hiding it under the garb of hard work. We do hope that there was something lost in our interpretation, otherwise, we would be sorely disappointed.

GamesCom Opening Night will be on the 19th of August. Look at the footage.

Death Stranding will be released on the 8th November 2019 on the PlayStation 4.