New Final Fantasy 7 Remake Screenshots Reveal Midgard’s Sector 8

Square Enix has released new Final Fantasy 7 Remake screenshots and concept art to show us another part of Midgard City. The developer continues to tease Final Fantasy series fans with new screenshots of the game’s iconic areas.

New Final Fantasy 7 Remake screenshots show us the comparison between the concept art of Midgard’s Sector 8 and its final representation in the game.

Here is the concept art of Sector 8:

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Screenshots Midgard Sector 8

And here is how Midgard’s Sector 8 looks like in the game:

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Screenshots Midgard Sector 8

Needless to say, FFVII Remake is shaping up very nicely. However, this is not the first set of comparisons screenshots released by Square Enix. Previously, Square Enix released screenshots and concept art of Midgard ’s Sector 1.

Everyone is now more than just excited for FFVII Remake. The long-awaited remake is scheduled to release on March 3, 2020, exclusively for Sony’s PlayStation 4. And no, FF7 Remake Xbox One is not happening despite the recent rumors. Square Enix has confirmed that they have no plans to release the game on any platform other than PS4.

In short, it’s time to shift from Xbox One to PS4 if you really want to play Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The game is now also available for pre-order from different stores. Different editions of the game include Final Fantasy 7 Remake Deluxe Edition, Standard and 1st Class edition.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Deluxe Edition includes the following items.

  • Base game with pre-order bonuses
  • Artbook
  • Mini-Soundtrack
  • Steelbook
  • Cactuar Summon Materia DLC
  • Carbuncle Summon Materia DLC

In case you don’t know, the upcoming game is the remake of original Final Fantasy VII which released in 1997 for PlayStation One. Furthermore, Final Fantasy VII Remake is an episodic game. But Square Enix is not sure yet about the total number of episodes that will be released.

The developer and publisher also said that the game will most likely also release on PlayStation 5. It’s very much possible that we will receive the next chapter of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS5. Meanwhile, players can check out Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay trailer below to find out how it’s different from the original game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will release on March 3, 2020, for PlayStation 4.