ESA Rejects Donald Trump’s Comments On Video Games And Shootings

The long-standing video game regulations war between ESA and Donald Trump has taken a new turn. Historically, video games have always been the focus of comments that sought to justify the excess of violence in the new generations. This is something that has resulted in a myriad of different studies that have generally been on the side of entertainment.

Despite this, in the US many firmly believe that video games are the main cause of the hundreds of shootings that occur annually in the country, a fact that was recently expressed by the president himself: Donald Trump.

Now the ESA, Entertainment Software Association, a company that is responsible for representing the entertainment sector in the USA, has issued the following extensive comment to address the aforementioned accusations:

As we shared at the White House video game meeting in March 2018, numerous scientific studies have established that there is no causal connection between video games and violence. More than 165 million Americans enjoy video games, and billions of people play video games worldwide. Yet other societies, where video games are played as avidly, do not contend with the tragic levels of violence that occur in the U.S.Video games positively contribute to society, from new medical therapies and advancements, educational tools, business innovation, and more. Video games help players connect with family and friends, relieve stress, and have fun. We encourage parents who have concerns about age-appropriate video game content to visit to learn more how to control what games are played in their homes.

It is worth noting that ESA has not been left alone in this struggle, but has had a very popular ally: Reggie Fils-Aimé. The former president of Nintendo America has also taken action.

Will Donald Trump reload against video games? Will the president’s actions escalate? Certainly, the politician has been in constant contact with the sector for months, and the reality is that it does not seem that peace will be achieved in the near future.