The Controversial Genshin Impact Is Shown In A New And Extensive Gameplay

Just a few days ago, one of the biggest video game events took place in China. We are talking about ChinaJoy 2019. ChinaJoy 2019 has been celebrated for a few years now and this is where we usually find very interesting proposals, some of which have already confirmed its launch in the West, such as the one at hand, Genshin Impact.

The title will make the jump to PC and PlayStation 4 after having been developed mainly for mobile devices in their homeland, and with the jump, we will have a version for Europe and America next year. Today, we have a new look at the title thanks to the gameplay video of more than nine minutes.

Now we have the opportunity to see again how this action and adventure title looks with great emphasis on exploration and direct fighting, within a colorful and nature-filled world. Genshin Impact gameplay can be better-understood now thanks to a longer and more complete video than the original gameplay video.

The video was shared by the guys at This is a new recording that took place at the ChinaJoy 2019 event itself and is now available for the public to see.

Genshin Impact, as we mentioned, has been the protagonist of a multitude of recent news and not precisely because of its appearance or potential, but rather because of the controversy that has been splashing since its conception in its homeland, due to accusations of plagiarism.

We are talking nothing less than about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, whose faithful followers were the main accusers for their great playable and graphic resemblance.

Controversial aside, the title presents a solid proposal of an open world with a multitude of characters and could fit into our market, we will see how the work continues to develop and if it finally comes to a realization.

Genshin Impact’s Closed Beta will soon be coming to iOS devices and PC. You can sign up here.