Cassandra And Samurai Shodown’s Haohmaru Are The New Soul Calibur VI Fighters

A clear trend of fighting games is to offer content and updates throughout the season, where the EVO event has been an important scenario to present this news. Today we talk about Soul Calibur VI, the fighting game of Bandai Namco that had been somewhat quiet until recently, returns with great force for the discovery of the second season.

During EVO 2019, Bandai Namco announced the features that will arrive for Soul Calibur VI in its second season. For this, they published a trailer in which, in addition to novelties in the gameplay, the first fighter who would arrive via DLC as a guest fighter from the Samurai Shodown license, Haohmaru was shown.

In this trailer, we can verify that Soul Calibur VI is already preparing its second season of content, where the announcement of the changes in the control system can be especially striking.

Soul Calibur VI offered a very fluid and dynamic fighting experience thanks to its combinations and counterattacks. It seems that there have been adjustments in this area, but not much information about these adjustments has been revealed and detailed.

It could be expected that new modes would be added, but above all, it has transcended the arrival of new fighters. The 2nd Season Pass will include up to four new fighters. The first confirmed for this pass is Haohmaru, from Samurai Showdown, as we mentioned above. But in addition, they have introduced Cassandra as a fighter who arrives in Soul Calibur VI today, August 5.

Cassandra arrives as the last fighter of the first Season Pass, thus closing a year of activity within this latest installment of the Bandai Namco license. We will have to wait for Bandai Namco to offer more details about these developments that will arrive in the Second Season of Soul Calibur VI.

We recall that Soul Calibur VI is available on both Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.