Arslan Ash, Winner Of EVO 2019, Reveals There Are Better Players Than Him in Pakistan

The EVO stage is a great center of attention for fighting game lovers from across the world. That’s why EVO 2019 showcased a lot of stuff we can look forward to in the coming year. One major thing to take away from the global event was the new world champion of the hit fighting game, Tekken 7, Arslan Ash. This is one of the biggest underdog stories in gaming itself because the guy came out of nowhere.

Here’s the most wholesome tweet to come out of the EVO 2019 event showcasing Arslan Ash commencing in a brief prayer upon his victory:

Anyone familiar with Pakistani athletes in sports will know that this is a staple way of celebrating their victory on the big stage.

The final match against Knee was really one to behold as well. Arslan pulling through once again with Kazumi while the former best, Knee, had to go both Kazuya and Devil Jin.

Arslan truly did come out of nowhere. He made his image first at EVO Japan, having heavy issues with his passport to get there. Before that tournament, Pakistan wasn’t on the radar of any Esports organizations. India was still there in CS:GO but nothing much besides that. Nobody expected Pakistan to house an unstoppable force. The fact that he explicitly stated there are players better than him in Pakistan makes the country an intriguing place to visit.

If Arslan Ash is considered the best globally after coming out of nowhere, what other kind of raw gaming talent could Pakistan be hiding? That’s something the world is eager to find out.

I’m not exaggerating on unstoppable either. In both tournaments, Arslan Ash maintained consistent winning streaks that made his way to the top. He wasn’t just beating any random Tekken 7 players either.

He was beating the best of the best from all around the world. America, Korea and others to name a few. Formerly untouchable champions such as Knee himself found themselves sweating trying to beat the boy from the subcontinent. In fact, people even commented that in all years of EVO, they’ve never seen Knee nervous the way he was now.

Either way, the victory Arslan Ash has achieved on the global stage has shed some light on a new country of Tekken players, formerly unknown. We could expect to see major EVO players make their way to Pakistan for future bouts and tournaments, highlighting a new center of attention in the fighting game field.