Road To Gears 5 Challenges Set A New Precedent For Pre-Launch Bonuses

We often see pre-order bonuses and rewards for upcoming titles. Order a deluxe edition to get these cosmetics for example. I feel like Gears 5 is really doing something special. They’re actually rewarding you for playing the previous title with the Road to Gears 5 challenge.

You can find the full details and specifications of each Road to Gears 5 challenge here at the official website. What the challenge completion rewards you with is some bonuses in the form of cosmetics. These bonuses aren’t just for Gears 4, they’re also for Gears 5.

The challenges aren’t in any kind of microtransaction hell either. They all can be achieved and completed within the confines of gameplay. The objectives are usually something like complaining about the campaign at a certain difficulty or racking up a number of achievements. The rewards are also purely in-game cosmetics.

In no way are these challenge rewards making Gears 5 cheaper or anything. It’s more like just some validation. It’s also a good show of gratitude from the Coalition regarding how we played their previous game.

I feel like this strategy could be adopted by so many other games nowadays. Often a times, it’s like developers are ungrateful to their loyal fans. Mortal Kombat 11 is a pretty big example of the specific point I’m making.

Players who purchased and played Mortal Kombat 9 must have played a lot as Night Wolf right? But then in MK 11, he’s locked behind a DLC paywall. That’s kind of a kick to the face for fans from NetherRealm Studios, in my opinion at least.

Again, in no way am I suggesting that you should discount games for players of the previous installment. What I am saying is to give them some kind of bonus for sticking around. The exclusive goodies and cosmetics are a good way to retain users to the older titles as well.

Gears of War 5 will release September 10th 2019. The road to Gears 5 challenge is up for grabs until then.