No Man’s Sky Beyond Rating Given By ESRB, Game Close To Release

It’s been news for a while now that Hello Games is creating a brand new expansion pack for No Man’s Sky, called No Man’s Sky Beyond. Now, the No Man’s Sky Beyond rating has been given out by the ESRB, which likely means that we’re getting closer and closer to release.

The ESRB rating has been rated T, mainly due to Fantasy Violence. The description that the ESRB gives the game also gives us an idea of what the game will be including. Mention is made of space pirates and space combat, along with combat on the ground among other things.

No Man’s Sky Beyond will be something of a revamp for a game that’s already had multiple new updates to get it out of the highly criticized release version that came out in the Summer of 2014 and resulted in a huge amount of backlash, and the huge amount of content is likely the reason for the new No Man’s Sky Beyond ESRB rating.

No Man’s Sky Beyond will be including a number of different components that make up its entire being. To start with, No Man’s Sky Beyond includes No Man’s Sky Online, the multiplayer component that was originally promised with the original game, where players can now travel the galaxy with friends rather than being alone.

Next, No Man’s Sky Beyond will also be giving us No Man’s Sky VR, allowing gamers that own virtual reality headsets to be able to use them while they play the game, which in turn makes them feel even more like a space explorer to be part of the action.

You can take a look at the No Man’s Sky Beyond ESRB rating yourself by heading to the ESRB website. We still don’t have any idea of when Beyond will come out, however we might be getting it later this summer. Much like the original game, No Man’s Sky Beyond will be coming to the PC and Playstation 4.