Modern Warfare Killstreaks Leaked, Includes UAV, AC-130, Juggernaut Armor

As Infinity Ward held its multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty Modern Warfare, at least one person has taken a screenshot and leaked the different Modern Warfare killstreaks that we’ll be able to get as rewards for scoring multiple kills without dying, and includes a wide variety of options.

Killstreaks are an important part of Call of Duty multiplayer, but there haven’t been any true killstreaks for the last few Call of Duty games, making Modern Warfare 2019 a return to form for the series. The leaker from the multiplayer event posted a screenshot on Reddit for us to see what the game has in store for us.

The wide variety of options for our killstreaks include things like helicopters, drones of all descriptions, radar, a missile strike, an Infantry Fighting Vehicle that you can drive, an AC-130 gunship, a stealth bomber, and a juggernaut suit and minigun combination.

There’s also the option for you to rain White Phosphorous down on the map, something that kind of flies in the face of the “war is terrible” angle that this issue of Call of Duty is going for, since white phosphorous, while still used in war, is not allowed to be used against civilian populations.

The Modern Warfare killstreaks offer players a lot more options than previous killstreaks did, as instead of being choosable it was a set list that you couldn’t customize. Going by the yellow dots in the screenshot, you can pick which options pop up for you during a game.

Since Call of Duty Modern Warfare comes out on October 25 of this year for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, once it comes out you’ll likely be able to experience all of the different killstreaks that are available for you to use, if you can survive long enough to use them. However, if you pre-order the game for PS4, you can get access to the multiplayer beta.