Here’s The Easiest Way To Get Treasure Map Rewards From 300 Maps In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is a game that has gone through a tough time lately. Even after almost a year since its original launch, players are still reporting a lot of bugs and glitches in Fallout 76.

But despite all the negatives, there are a lot of players that are still playing Fallout 76. It is very common for players to get stuck in games such as Fallout 76 that put a heavy emphasis on loot. For those players, a Fallout 76 player has generously compiled a spreadsheet of Fallout 76 Treasure Map Rewards from 300 Maps.

The 300 Fallout 76 treasure map rewards spreadsheet comes from Reddit user wickedychickady, who posted the breakdown on the official Fallout 76 Subreddit. In his Reddit post, Wikedychickady breaks his findings down “region by region, in a nice and tidy spreadsheet.”

In the neatly compiled Fallout 76 Treasure Maps rewards spreadsheet, you can see the item types which include things like Aid or Weapons, and where they were found in Fallout 76. One important thing you should keep in mind is that wickedychickady didn’t find all of these items themselves.

In fact, this whole spreadsheet is a compilation taken from a number of sources including Dulfy, another member of the Fallout 76 Subreddit. That guide can be found here.

Of course, we’re not going to be talking about all of his findings as they are too long and Wickedy does a better job breaking all of it down. We are, however, going to be discussing some major points from the rewards spreadsheet such as Deathclaw Gauntlet Extra Claw Mods which are about 13.

According to Wickedy’s post over at Reddit, there are;

50 Forest Maps 

  • 44 plans (11 of which were for the Single-Action Revolver Ivory Grip)
  • 42 weapons (9 non-standard)
  • 45 armor pieces (9 non-standard)
  • 11 Mods (all for the Barbed Walking Cane)

29 Toxic Valley Maps

  • 31 plans (Raider Power Armor Helmet, Left Arm, Right Leg, and Mods)
  • 47 weapons (13 non-standard)
  • 23 armor pieces (8 non-standard)
  • 5 Mods

14 Ash Heap Maps

  • 16 plans (Excavator Mods, Flamer weapon plan)
  • 12 weapons (4 non-standard)
  • 13 armor pieces (2 non-standard)
  • 2 Mods

122 Savage Divide Maps

  • 129 plans (Light Robot Arms, BoS Combat Armor Legs, and T-45 Chest Piece)
  • 90 weapons (20 non-standard)
  • 109 armor pieces (30 non-standard)
  • 26 Mods

46 Mire Maps

  • 49 plans (War Drum, T-51b Right Arm, T-51b Right Leg, and T-51b Chest Piece)
  • 90 weapons (29 non-standard)
  • 40 armor pieces (9 non-standard)
  • 11 Mods

39 Cranberry Bog Maps

  • 29 plans (T-51b Chest Piece, Marine Tactical Helmet)
  • 72 weapons (20 non-standard)
  • 33 armor pieces (9 non-standard)
  • 13 Mods (Deathclaw Gauntlet Extra Claw)

So if you are still playing Fallout 76 and you are finding difficulties getting the best loot in the game, make sure to check out this spreadsheet of Fallout 76 Treasure Map Rewards from 300 Maps which will definitely make things easy for you.