Chinese Gamers Prefer Mobile Gaming Over AAA Titles

This is when you really think about it. I mean, everybody has their preferences right? At the same time, the prosper of one competitor in an industry could lead to the downfall of another as well. Such is the case in the Chinese market for video games in our trying times. Apparently, Chinese gamers like mobile games and other free to play stuff more than they do proper AAA games.

Tencent owns a pretty heavy percentage of the mobile market as well. We know of Tencent’s reach going even as far as established relations with Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney.

85% of the Chinese population is estimated to prefer free-to-play mobile games over AAA titles. Furthermore, they spend more in the microtransactions of each app.

I feel like this can be credited to how an average Chinese citizen’s routine can be. Mobile games have been developed to work in with a person’s busy routine. This is why each game is designed to be very simple and not consume one’s mind or time.

We are talking about silly single-tap games or basic rail-shooter types that are quite addictive. Sure, they don’t provide the full emotional and mechanical gameplay experience of a premium title, but they have their own charm.

Is this going to be harmful to the premium AAA title industry? Probably not honestly. The US and Japanese games don’t have a very strong audience in China anyways. My only concern with the success of the mobile game industry is its practices leaking into AAA titles.

I’m not condemning them from using the strategy, I mean they are free-to-play. It’s annoying as hell when full retailed price games pull the same sh!t though. Again, it won’t change much more than that.

Premium titles are still on their way ahead to carve a path for the new generation.

Source: Game Industry