Bleeding Edge Tech Alpha Invites You to Test the Cosmetics System

Ninja Theory has invited more players to Bleeding Edge Tech Alpha. To be exact, a total of 1,000 players have just been invited to Bleeding Edge game to try out the game’s cosmetics system.

To try out the Bleeding Edge cosmetic system, Ninja Theory is giving away extra 1,000 Credits and 1,000 Mod Parts to everyone who logs into the game until Sunday.

To take part in Bleeding Edge beta, players will need to sign up over the Bleeding Edge website here and click over the big “Join alpha” option.

Afterward, the website will ask you to login with an email and about the platforms you own. Once done, all you have to do is keep an eye out on your email inbox to see if you are one of the lucky 1000 players or not. But if you are not invited today then you shouldn’t worry because it is very likely that there will be an open beta of the game sometime soon.

In case you don’t know, Bleeding Edge game is exclusive to Xbox One and PC users only. Unfortunately, the game is not coming to PlayStation 4.

Bleeding Edge game is a 4v4 multiplayer game which features melee combat, big arenas, stylish weapons, and character style like Blizzard’s Overwatch. Ninja Theory announced the game during E3 2019. Below you can check out the official reveal trailer of Bleeding Edge game.

There’s no Bleeding Edge release date available yet. Whenever the game releases, it will be available via Xbox One Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Bleeding Edge is Ninja Theory’s first Xbox exclusive game after Hellblade. We can expect the game to release later this year because it has been in development for years.