Fire Emblem: Three Houses Personal Skills Guide – Best Personal Abilities

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, every character intrinsically possesses a unique Personal Skill. The Personal Ability of a character gives them a special ability which no other character has. These Passive Abilities can help you determine what role you want a character to go toward. Learning the Personal Skills of all characters will benefit you a lot on the battlefield. In this Personal Skills Guide for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, we will list the personal skill of all the characters in the game.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Personal Skills

As mentioned earlier, these abilities are unique to each character, hence, the name. Moreover, you cannot delete these abilities.

Another thing to note here is that some of the abilities are missing from the guide and we will continue to update the guide as we discover more.

Character House Personal Skill Effect
Byleth Protagonist Professor’s Guidance +20% experience is granted to user and ally next to you.
Edelgard Black Eagles Imperial Lineage +20% experience is earned by unit.
Dimitri Blue Lions Royal Lineage +20% experience is earned by unit.
Claude Golden Deer Leicester Lineage +20% experience is earned by unit.
Hubert Black Eagles Officer Duty Might for Gambits is increased by 5.
Dorothea Black Eagles Songstress At the start of every turn, HP of allies close by is restored by 10%.
Ferdinand Black Eagles Confidence While HP is maxed out, Hit and Avoid are increased by 15.
Bernadetta Black Eagles Persecution Complex While HP is not maxed out, Damage is boosted by 5.
Petra Black Eagles Hunter’s Boon When the enemy’s HP falls below 50%, Crit Rate is boosted by 20.
Linhardt Black Eagles Catnap If unit waits (without taking an action), HP is restored by 10%.
Caspar Black Eagles Born Fighter During combat, Avoid of close by enemies is decreased by 10.
Dedue Blue Lions Staunch Shield Defense is increased by 4 for a turn if the unit is stationary.
Felix Blue Lions Lone Wolf If battalion endurance is at 0 or no battalion is assigned, +5 damage is dealt by unit.
Annette Blue Lions Perseverance Strength is increased by 4 when Rally is employed on allies.
Mercedes Blue Lions Live to Serve An equal amount of HP is granted to user, when healing an ally.
Sylvain Blue Lions Philanderer 2 extra damage is dealt and 2 less damage is taken when a female ally is next to unit.
Ashe Blue Lions Lockpick A key is not required by unit to open chests and doors.
Ingrid Blue Lions Lady Knight Might is increased by 3 and Hit Rate is increased by 5, when a Gambit is being employed.
Lorenz Golden Deer Distinguished House Unit’s damage is increased by 2 when battalion is summoned.
Hilda Golden Deer Advocate Damage of male allies next to her is increased by 3.
Raphael Golden Deer Goody Basket Has a Luck% chance of regaining 10% HP at the start of the turn
Leonie Golden Deer Rivalry At the very start of every turn, he has a chance to recover up to 10% of max HP. The trigger chance is equal to the Lck stat.
Ignatz Golden Deer Ignatz Hit Rate is increased by 20.
Lysithea Golden Deer Mastermind 200% Skill EXP is gained.
Marianne Golden Deer Animal Friend At the start of the turn, if next to a flying or horseback ally, 20% HP is restored.
Shamir Knights of Seiros Survival Instinct TBA
Alois Knights of Seiros Compassion TBA
Flayn Church of Seiros Lily’s Poise TBA
Seteth Church of Seiros Guardian During combat, damage of close by female allies is increased by 3.
Manuela Church of Seiros Infirmary Master During combat, Crit Avoid of close by allies is increased by 10.
Hanneman Church of Seiros Crest Scholar When Rally is employed on an allied unit, Mag is increased by 4.