Death Stranding Has A Connection With Ancient Egypt?

New Death Stranding shirts are now available on PS Store Gear and they seemingly confirm that the game has a connection with ancient Egypt.

Official PlayStation Twitter account recently shared some new pictures of Death Stranding gear. One of the shirts represents the iconic ancient Egyptian headdress. So it’s very likely that we will see more ancient Egypt references in the actual game. You can check out the shirt below.

Death Stranding Egypt

In addition to this, Higgs character in the game appears to be affiliated with ancient Egyptian lore. Because the above logo is also present on Higgs’ shoulder as seen in previous Death Stranding trailer shown during Tokyo Game Show. For those who don’t know, Higgs is played by Troy Baker in the game.

Death Stranding Egypt Influence

In short, it’s a speculation that Troy Baker’s character is influenced by Egyptian mythology. Of course, nothing is officially confirmed yet. We advise everyone to wait especially given the fact that Death Stranding is a Hideo Kojima game.

It’s not the first time that we have heard about Death Stranding being influenced by Egypt mythology. According to a fan theory, Death Stranding is influenced by different periods of Egyptian mythology and Ancient Egyptian customs.

If you are not interested in ancient Egypt, you can watch the trailer below to learn about Heartman character in the game which is being played by filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn. Heartman is an interesting character who stays alive for about 21 minutes before he dies. After dying, Heartman spends 3 minutes on the other side to search for his family.

As for the question when does Death Stranding come out? It releases on November 8, 2019, for PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, Death Stranding Xbox version is not announced yet and will probably never happen. However, there’s a possibility that the game will arrive on Google Stadia after its release on PS4.

The head of Google Stadia Jade Raymond recently met Hideo Kojima at Kojima Productions. It’s rumored that both Raymond and Kojima talked about the possibilities of Death Stranding Google Stadia version.