The Surge 2 New Trailer Features Jericho City, Bosses And Weapons

The Surge 2’s new gameplay trailer is now available. The trailer has arrived a few months before the release of Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive’s sequel to The Surge.

In the trailer released today, we got to see new The Surge 2 dismemberment, weapons, environments, enemies and colossal bosses. It’s worth saying that the sequel looks like a big improvement over the first game.

Catch the new trailer below.

The Surge 2 new gameplay trailer shows us new game areas like Jericho City which is now overtaken by a mercenary group called Hunters. Jericho City is a massive location in the game with different secret passages, buildings, factions, friends, foes and terrifying bosses.

The Surge’s iconic fast-paced combat and unique limb targeting and looting mechanisms return for a dynamic combat experience that is as rewarding as it is unforgiving. Experience brand new, bigger, more lively environments.

Abandoned, half-finished mega-structures sit alongside ostensibly serene parks that have become nanomachine hunting grounds. As you progress through this nightmare, earn TechScrap and equipment pieces by tearing off enemy limbs to equip them to your exo-rig, press release reads.

The trailer also unveils the different kind of armour sets that will be available in the game. Furthermore, the trailer is full of dismemberment, hacking, and slashing of robots. It also shows us that the game will feature more challenges, equipment to steal, upgrades and lots of bosses which players will have to take down to progress through the game’s story.

The Surge 2 release date is set for September 24, 2019, on Microsoft Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. Interested players can now pre-order The Surge 2 for PS4 from Sony PlayStation Store and for Xbox One from Microsoft Store.

For those who don’t know, The Surge 2 is inspired by Dark Souls franchise and developer Deck 13 is comfortable with it.