Resident Evil 3 Remake Comes To Life, Thanks To This Mod

Capcom struck gold in recent memory starting with Resident Evil 7. That was followed by the very popular Resident Evil 2 remake that sold amazingly. Capcom has since then made it evident that they are working on a Resident Evil 3 remake. One that will then be followed by Resident Evil 8.

However, considering the RE 2 remake just released and is still making sales, that would be too soon no? We’re most likely going to be waiting for a long time before we can expect any official updates or news. Some of us are patient, but some dedicated modders would rather not wait.

Instead, they brought the Resident Evil 3 remake mod to the RE 2 remake. With this Resident Evil 2 Nemesis mod, you not only get to play as iconic protagonist Jill Valentine, you also get to fight her memorable arch-enemy, Nemesis.

Jill Valentine and Nemesis are a long-lasting rivalry that only people who played the classic game will remember. If you knew who he was, it should be pretty obvious how this mod works.

Claire Redfield’s character model is replaced by that of an HD rendered Jill Valentine. It’s impressive whoever came up with this because of how the look is pulled off. It wouldn’t truly be a Resident Evil 3 remake mod without Nemesis right?

That’s why the model of Mr X is now replaced with that of Nemesis. It’s the same scenario as Claire and X, just reskinned. Reskinned for fans of the original Resident Evil 3.

It’s a great way to wait for the official remake to come out. We know for sure that Capcom are working on it as we speak.

Resident Evil 2 remake is pretty heavy on the modding. Mr X chasing you in a thong was pretty much the turning point where people realized that they really can do anything to the game.