Epic Games Store Denying Games Because They Are “Looking for Exclusives”

Epic Games is a video game publishing company that gets hate for a variety of reasons. A lot of players don’t prefer the company’s distribution platform, the Epic Games Store, due to its lack of features and difficult policy.

A lot of players also get put off by its strategy to gain as many exclusives as possible instead of bringing features that players need. And now it seems Epic Games is once again under fire because apparently, they are denying games like Skatebird by Glass Bottom Games and only focusing on getting more exclusives.

The latest criticism comes Megan Fox on Twitter. Megan is the founder of Glass Bottom Games which is an independent game developer. The latest game Glass Bottom Games is working on is Skatebird. According to a Tweet made by Megan Fox, Epic Games Store doesn’t want Skatebird on its Epic Games Store. That’s because the game Skatebird is on Steam and they only want exclusives.

Just a few days ago, Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney explained his reasoning behind Epic Games Store exclusives. It is Sweeney’s belief that bringing PC exclusives to Epic Games Store is the only effective way of changing the 70/30 revenue split that has existing for decades between developers and publishers in the gaming industry.

When a follower asked why Glass Bottom Games can’t release Skatebird on both Steam and the Epic Games Store, Megan Fox provided an answer saying Epic isn’t an open store.

In addition to this, Fox also referred to Epic Games Store as a walled garden which doesn’t allow everyone inside.

As far as Epic’s strategy of acquiring as many exclusive games as possible is concerned, it seems that strategy will continue. But it is very concerning when Epic Games straight-up denies games just so they can get exclusives. It is almost as if they are trying to start a monopoly in the game industry.

On the other hand, we also got the news a few days ago that Borderlands 3 cross-play between Epic Games Store and Steam players will be possible regardless of the purchase store. So this is something to look forward to.