EA Is Focusing On Their Digital Platform For PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett

Electronic Arts don’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to developing games. Especially in today’s time where it’s literally trendy to hate on EA. For good reason too, the thoughts didn’t just come out of nowhere. Will EA be able to redeem themselves with the digital platform they have planned for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett?

The statement was made by the CEO of EA, Andrew Wilson. It was surrounding the Xbox Scarlett primarily but emphasized on their plan to focus on the subscriptions and Cloud gaming. This was referenced towards both accessibility and data management.

“We are investing a lot in the future, we don’t want to be caught unprepared. We started investing in our digital platform more than five years ago on aspects such as cloud and security, we are ready for the future, we have invested in the cloud, underwriting business models and micro-transactions, we are certainly optimistic about the future of Electronic Arts. “

This means we can expect cloud-based gaming to become a very primary focus of EA in the next-generation future. We’ve already seen more and more companies adopt the streaming format for video games after the way Netflix proved it could be done for shows.

This includes companies like Ubisoft with their new pass, the Xbox Games Pass, PlayStation Now and many others to come in the future. I’m willing to bet we’ll soon be seeing stream exclusive games. The way Netflix has its own exclusive movies and shows.

But again, it always comes back to the question of whether we can trust EA or not. The company has proven time and again that they’re in it for the buckaroos and almost nothing else. It’s a miracle Jedi: Fallen Order is even being made as a story-driven single-player game.

The Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 release dates remain unconfirmed.