Warlander: The Game That Does Lightersabers Better Than Jedi Fallen Order

In my 5+ years as a critic in the gaming industry, I came across many ambitious projects from lesser-known studios. While their efforts are admirable, the final product is often lackluster in many ways. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised by Warlander.

Clock Drive Games’ has created an experience inspired by Kojima’s Metal Gear Rising, and Jedi Knight series. Its lightsaber combat is the most fun you’ll have with a lightsaber since Knights of the Old Republic.

Warlander puts you in the shoes of a dead hero, Bruce. Well, he died and was later resurrected and let me tell you, he did not come back from the dead a happy-go-lucky fellow. The dude is mad and wields a sentient sword that feels like an earlier lightsaber prototype.

Since playing God of War I realized how much fun meaty, heavy blows are. Kratos’ axe felt good and Warlander is pretty close to replicating that feeling. Each blow has a ton of force behind it. It feels heavy, meaty and, slicing through enemies. Sad to say, the combat with the lightsaber is more fun than the AAA Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. The best part is that unlike Jedi Fallen Order, players can slice enemies, something a lightsaber must be able to do.

Limbs flying around after a successful strike by Bruce is satisfying. Some aspects of the combat system are inspired by Metal Gear Rising. Players can pick the body parts they want to attack, avoiding armor.

As the game’s lead character comes face to face with an enemy, a line will appear that tracks the sword strike. The player can control the aim which helps avoid the armor. But it’s not as easy as it sounds, there is a stamina bar that’ll punish you for not landing a perfect blow to the enemy.

Spending more time with it and getting used to it helps nail most of your blows. The combat is extremely fun to play but there is a narrative to follow which keeps you interested, at least it does its best.

There is a mechanical threat that is overpowering the world. Bruce and his blade are the only things standing between the world and total annihilation.

Your character also has special abilities like the throwable stake for ranged attacks. You can also perform skills that deal with significant damage.

All in all, Warlander is a fun game and that is something most games lack these days. We are looking forward to playing more of this game and hopefully, it’ll be even better when it comes out.