The FCC Have Approved The Nintendo Switch Lite, Expect the Availability Soon!

The last step the Nintendo Switch Lite needed to take was approval from the FCC. The FCC refers to the declaration of conformity for electronic devices. The point of this approval is to certify that the electromagnetic interference of the device is under the allowed limit. With the confirmation of the FCC and established Nintendo Switch Lite release date in September, expect pre-orders to be going up soon.

The Nintendo Switch Lite was announced beforehand to introduce us to the new device. That’s another point to bring out. The title tagline of the Switch Lite has been changed from handheld console to handheld device. Whether this had anything to do with the FCC approval is unknown.

This does confirm that the device is safe to use at least. Pre-orders should be beginning in the U.S soon since the Switch Lite wasn’t up for sale until this approval. I’m not sure if there’s any benefit to pre-ordering the new device, however.

Are they shipping pre-ordered Switch Lites out with some game bundles? Perhaps an exclusive color or skin over the portable device.

A lot of people have been adding that this will sort of put an end to Gameboy sales as well. I still doubt that due to how different both devices really are still.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is confirmed to run a lot of the same games as the Nintendo Switch. The confirmation can be made via a notice on the back of the disk covers. Either there or in the digital websites.

I’m curious to see if digital purchases on the Nintendo Switch carry onto the Nintendo Switch Lite. It’d be pretty stupid to make people buy the same game twice. Then again, the Switch Lite is honestly a bit of a glorified version of the Nintendo Switch. The only things missing are the detachable joy-cons, motion controls and docking station.