Rumor: Naughty Dog’s Next Project Codenamed Stray’s Cross Will Release On PlayStation 5

There’s a lot of hype built around Naughty Dog’s upcoming The Last of Us Part 2. But apparently, Last of Us Part II isn’t the only game Naughty Dog is working on. Several leaks and rumors have been circulating on the internet that claims the studio is working on a game codenamed “Stray’s Cross” for next-gen PlayStation 5.

The leak comes from an anonymous source who posted the information on a 4Chan board. According to the leaker, the information comes from a recent meeting between Naughty Dog and Sony PlayStation where they discussed The Last of Us Part 2’s release date and the delays that have been coming along.

During this meeting, they also discussed future projects for Naughty Dog which included Stray’s Cross. Of course, Stray’s Cross isn’t the final name of the game but it is in development under that codename. The game development is also in its early stages and is far from being concluded.

The leaker also reveals that Naughty Dog’s Stray’s Cross will be an action-adventure title with a first-person perspective. The game will feature steampunk elements and will have two protagonists.

The first protagonist in Stay’s Cross will be a female and will have worked as a scientist in the past. She is a talented scholar and is fascinated by the relation between space and time. During Stray’s Cross’ story, she will discover confidential documents that will lead to the discovery of a grander hidden truth. This truth is bigger than anyone could possibly imagine.

Stray’s Cross’ other protagonist will be a male former construction worker who is unjustly arrested for protecting a wanted friend during a shooting against police forces. Stray’s Cross’ story revolves around a secret conflict that lasted entire ages and that lead to the destruction of the entire human society.

The story of Stray’s Cross’ will place the two protagonists in a situation where they will have to find a way to work together to get what they are looking for.

From what the leak has said, Stray’s Cross sounds like a very ambitious game, even though not a lot is known at this point. Since we haven’t seen anything regarding this new game from Naughty Dog, it is best to take this information with a grain of salt.

As of right now, most of Naughty Dog’s attention is towards finishing The Last of Us Part 2 which is already seeing delays in its release date. Naughty Dog has also come under fire due to its crunch culture. In any case, we should wait for The Last of Us Part 2’s release date and then we might get more news regarding Naughty Dog’s rumored Stray’s Cross.