Choices In Dying Light 2 Will Affect The Kind Of Gear and Blueprints You Get

Dying Light 1 didn’t emphasize on choice too much but it did give us creativity in how we approached objectives. This included blueprints and crafting recipes of our own weaponry. Dying Light 2 is introducing a lot more choice in the story, which will obviously impact the events and game world. However, the choices will also set the path for what kind of gear you will unlock in Dying Light 2.

Here’s a snippet from an article by PC Gamer magazine about Dying Light 2’s choice mechanic and how that factors into gear:

“The Decisions in the campaign will also define the gear you can upgrade and the weapon blueprints you can find.”

In case it isn’t clear, you will be locked out of gear and blueprints based on some decisions you make. For example, flooding the dam into the city will most likely lock you out of a lot of electrical gadgets and upgrades. You could even lose access to something as basic as a grenade.

It all depends on how you go about the story. This also adds a big layer of replayability to the game. This is because there will be entire playstyles locked behind choices. The questline itself isn’t the only thing that will change.

The mechanic reminds me a lot of Dishonored. The game sort of functioned in a similar way with how you didn’t get to use all your abilities if you were non-lethal. The game wasn’t truly experienced until doing a complete bloodshed playthrough.

The developers at Techland themselves have recommended multiple playthroughs. This is because they know about how much players can potentially miss out on by sticking to one path.

I’m hoping they keep the grapple hook tool as a neutral item. One available to the players no matter which path they take. I have a strong feeling the playstyles will defer mainly between passive escaping stealth or full frontline combat.

Dying Light 2 is set to release in 2020. Techland confirmed the game will also be available on the next generation of consoles.