Developers Are Afraid to Have Opinions Thanks to Outrage Culture, Something Needs to Change

Political topics and video games go hand in hand, that’s how it’s always been. Whether it is the scary political relevance of Metal Gear Solid series or the political dissension of The Division. Games are political, they have always been and we enjoyed every bit of it.

But over the past few years, due to the outrage culture, storytellers are the lack of a better word, afraid to express themselves with their games. They seem reluctant to be political and are moving to severe politics from video games. The backlash culture has affected freedom of speech to the point where developers can’t tell stories they want to tell. It’s now at a point where we can’t even acknowledge history in our video games.

There are few development teams left in the industry that still have an opinion. And from what I think, opinions make art more interesting but developers are in fear of bigoted outrage mob on the internet.

The internet needs to tone down its sensitivity and well, man up. Appreciate difference of opinions from The Division, acknowledge the realities shown in Modern Warfare 2019. It is art and art must remain free from the shackles of bigotry and censorship.

Video games, for decades, reflected the political realities of our planet. New York Times Wrote a very interesting article about this. Back In 1980 an arcade game Missile Command arrived during the Cold War era. The player had to save U.S cities from Nuclear attacks.

Suffaragatto, an early 20th-century board game. framed the emancipation of women as a street fight between police constables and suffragettes on the steps of London’s Albert Hall. In 1936 we saw the release of anti-Semitic board game Juden Raus!, or Jews Out! Players try to move 6 pointed hat wearing tokens toward collections points. The first player to do this wins.

Video game developers continue to borrow politically-charged settings but over the years they have become more impartial, like The Division 2. Publishers back down due to a militant fringe of people and interestingly most of them don’t even buy video games. They are not the audience yet they create such an environment that publishers back down as they are afraid to lose sales.

But things can take a turn for the better with the release of Modern Warfare. This came refused to back down and tell the story developers intended to. Its success will finally prove that the developer shouldn’t censor their games because of outrage from over-sensitive bigots.