PewDiePie Was Once Against Being a Minecraft Youtuber

PewDiePie once had the most subscribed channel on Youtube. Then, after a long battle that managed to make it to prime time news, sometimes because of the memes and sometimes scandals, he lost that title to T-Series. He now makes videos about Minecraft. But once upon a time, he didn’t want to do that.

PewDiePie has regular segments like “LWIAY” and “Pew News” that are fan favourites. Now, he has shifted to making videos about Minecraft, in an effort to bring it back to its gaming roots. But that was’t always how it was so.

PewDiePie does not have the most subscribed channel but he’s still Youtube’s most-subscribed independent creator, boasting over 98 million subscribers.

According to PewDiePie, when Minecraft was released, everyone would make videos about it, much like Fortnite nowadays. This was why he felt it was unoriginal and he didn’t want to do that.

Minecraft became so explosively popular,
And everyone would just play it. It felt like people were playing it just because it was popular, and not because they were actually [having fun] doing it.

PewDiePie says this doesn’t mean his channel will exclusively become about Minecraft. If he loses interest then he can simply “move on to something else.”

PewDiePie said that initially, he didn’t like being called a “Minecraft Youtuber” but now he has effectively become one.  He has become so invested in the game that he “doesn’t care” about internet drama like Twitch streamer Alinity Divine’s cat-tossing scandal.

I haven’t paid attention to what anyone’s doing,” PewDiePie continued. “It’s so goddamn liberating. Alinity threw a cat? Okay, great, I don’t care!

PewDiePie’s foray into Minecraft isn’t useless. It has actually helped him get to another major milestone on YouTube, skyrocketing him to 98 million subscribers. This means he is just two million away from what he previously wanted- 100 million subscribers.

While PewDiePie war with T-Series has ended, this doesn’t mean people have stopped subscribing to him. Sure, we don’t have people hacking billboards and we won’t have diss tracks like B***h lasagna but that doesn’t mean he can’t get 100 million subscribers. So, subscribe to PewDiePie?