Infinity Ward Confirms No Missions Have Been Removed From Call Of Duty Modern Warfare’s Campaign

Ever since its announcement a few months ago, we have been seeing a lot of leaks and rumors circulating on the internet regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Even though most of what we have heard about the game is positive, there are also some rumors that tell a different tale. Primarily, one of these rumors said that the developer Infinity Ward has removed the mission titled Cold Beginnings (or Code Zero) from Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward has since confirmed that there are no removed missions in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Originally, the rumor came from TheGamingRevolution on YouTube. In a video posted onto his channel, TheGamingRevolution claimed that the developers, Infinity Ward, has removed a mission from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare campaign. The YouTuber claimed the reason for this removal was that the mission was too controversial.

Apparently, in this mission, the player plays as a suicide bomber belonging to a terrorist organization who blows himself up while attacking an important landmark. The terrorist drives up in a car and then the game hands over the control to the player who then has to do the bombing.

Taylor Kurosaki, who is the Narrative Director at Infinity Ward working on Call of Duty Modern Warfare, debunked this rumor of the removed Cold Beginnings mission from the game’s campaign.

While answering a fan question who asked regarding the rumored removed mission on Twitter, Kurosaki wrote “No missions have been removed”.

This isn’t the first time we have heard about some of the controversial themes Infinity Ward is trying to explore with Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s campaign missions. A few months ago we heard about the “controversial No Russian campaign in Modern Warfare 2 that allowed the player to gun down civilians.”

Back in May, Taylor Kurosaki shed more light on Modern Warfare’s story, saying that Modern Warfare will be taking a different approach to war this time. Modern Warfare will also not shy away from touching on controversial topics especially the ones that are relevant to modern-day politics.

In any case, we will find out what kind of missions Call of Duty Modern Warfare has once the game releases. Pre-orders for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is open now with a release date for October 28th, 2019.