Games That Will Get You Laid, According To Survey

I mean it’s pretty rich that the game franchise famous for ending friendships is also the highest on sparking relationships. The survey conducted by Century Link confirms it though. If you want a nice romantic night with your partner, pop in a game of Mario Kart. Honestly, I still don’t see how a game of Mario Kart could lead to setting a relaxed mood. Unless the answers in the survey were referring to rage fu**ing. That makes sense now that I think about it actually.

You see your significant other completely satisfied with how they’re in the lead. Only for her to see you holding a blue shell. He/she begs you not to do it, but you do. How is that ever going to end well? There’s a reason so many controllers were broken and faces were punched over the years of couch Mario Kart.

Then the other two options were even more baffling. Call of Duty leads to a romantic evening? How?! What part of Shepherd betraying Ghost and Roach makes a man go “Aw gee I can’t wait to boink my wife after that!” I doubt any sane person in their right mind would feel that way. I mean there have been noise complaints between couples surrounding this game so clearly, the survey might have gotten something wrong.

Skyrim I do agree with actually now that I think about it. The game is perfect for setting the mood for you and your SO. Especially the music. Even if you’re not playing the game, just listening to the track Secunda is the perfect ambiance to just cuddle in.

The cold, calm atmosphere of Skyrim when you’re not fighting can really build up to some nice and tender moments. Hell, you can even get a little turn on points by flexing your skills and slaying a dragon. Whatever method you fancy.