Fire Emblem: Three Houses Advice Box Guide – All the Responses

When you explore the Monastery in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, one of the areas you come across is the Cathedral. This place is used for praying and Choirs but another activity that you can engage in is responding to notes in the Advice Box. Students and professors will anonymously leave suggestions in it and it’s up to you if you want to listen or not.

Responding to the given suggestions can help you gain support points from different students in your house so be sure to visit it.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Advice Box

The box becomes active on the 6th Month (Garland Moon) and is updated every month so drop by frequently by using the map to fast travel to the Cathedral.

You’ll have half an hour to respond to any note you’ve opened and if you do so correctly, you earn support points from the writer. The different letters from every student and professor along with the full list of replies are below:

Officers Academy


Writer Note Content Response
Gilbert “I’ve reunited with my daughter after years of being apart, but I’m the one who left her in the first place. I don’t know what to say or even how to speak to her.” “Just love her and treat her with kindness”
Catherine “There’s a new place in town that I hear has some really tasty food. I asked them to hold two seats under my name, but I don’t know who I should go with.” “I would be happy to join you”


Black Eagles


Student Note Content Response
Petra “I have great love for the sea, but Garreg Mach has too much distance from it. I am needing to be inside the water soon… Where is the best place for swimming? The library is a place I favor, but I am having a problem. It is lacking sufficient information about Brigid! I have the hope that I can be fixing this problem.” “You should visit the sea to the south. You should add to the Traveler’s Journal.”
Bernadetta “Life would be so much easier if no one had to talk face-to-face. Isn’t written correspondence like this really the best form of communication? Or face-to-door chats?” “Occasional human interaction is good for you.”
Linhardt “I am an only child. Because of this, I’m worried that my parents will have to adopt a child or do their best to have another of their own if I don’t carry on the family title.” “Relax. You can think it over before you graduate.”


Blue Lions


Student Note Content Response
Mercedes “I want to get better at cooking, but I don’t know where to start. I wish I knew someone who could help me.” “You should cook with Ashe.”
Felix “Words cannot express my disgust with the students here. So many of these fools rely on their noble status or their Crest’s power as an excuse to shirk their training.” “You should spar with them”
Dedue “When I was in the greenhouse earlier, a female student fled from me as if in terror. Why did she do that? I was only tending the flowers.” “Perhaps you unintentionally scowled at her.”


Golden Deer


Student Note Content Response
Raphael “I’ve looked at the notes in this box before, and it seems like everyone’s always worried and complaining about stuff! Is everyone really that bad off?” “Worry often leads to growth.”
Lysithea “There’s so much to do and never enough time in which to do it. Sleep is a nuisance, but my body forces me to slow down, even though my mind doesn’t want to. Do you have any tips for shaking tired feelings away? I often hear ridiculous rumors about ghosts appearing in the monastery. It’s nonsense and it’s disrupting my studies. There aren’t really ghosts, are there?” “I’m so sorry. That sounds like an impossible situation. You’d best not walk around at night.”
Hilda “I’m supposed to write a letter to my brother to let him know how I’m doing, but there’s nothing that I want to write about, and on top of that, it’s just too much work.” “Why don’t you tell him about your friends?”

Before Time Skip


From Question Answer
Caspar Q: I’ve slept almost everywhere in this monastery, but lately I’ve been wanting to try sleeping outdoors. Do you know somewhere I could sleep under the stars? A courtyard full of blooming flowers.
Claude Q1: I often overhear people commenting about how strange I am. I don’t really get it. Shouldn’t it be expected that everyone has their own unique perspective on life? Q2: I see it all the time. Someone falls for a scheme and then gets angry about it. But rather than being mad at the schemer, shouldn’t they be busy plotting their revenge? A1: Just follow your path and don’t worry about them. A2: Sounds like the logic of a schemer.
Cyril Q: I’m not good at cleaning up. I try my best, but before I know it, everything’s messy again. Cleaning is easy when you have a plan of attack.
Dimitri Q: I have always despised the heat, even as a child. Still, one must be prepared to fight anywhere, no matter the conditions. Have you any advice for enduring the heat? Look for clothing and armor that breathe better
Dorothea Q1: I wonder if I’ll ever find a partner who understands I don’t mean any harm when I flirt with others. Does someone like that really exist? Q2: Even if I find love, I won’t be able to live without money. I would like to get married someday, but I refuse to go back to being poor. What should I pursue? Q3: I often head ridiculous rumors about ghosts appearing in the monastery. It’s nonsense and it’s disrupting my studies. There aren’t really ghosts, are there? A1: You’re bound to meet someone open-minded someday. A2: Love and money aren’t mutually exclusive. Strive for both A3: You have nothing to worry about. There are no ghosts.
Hanneman Q: If you feel overwhelmed by teaching, just ask me for help. I predict that guiding these imps through their teenage years will be important for Fodlan’s future. Ha! Get it? I’ll let you know if I have any concerns
Ignatz Q: I want to make someone change his boorish behavior, but he doesn’t seem to care no matter how much I urge him to reconsider his actions. I’m at my wits’ end! : It’s probably time for your professor to step in.
Ingrid Q: I feel like the tough fighters who become legends mostly use swords and lances. Are those really the weapons you have to wield if you want to make your mark on history? You should fight with the weapon that best suits you.
Lysithea Q: I have some experience painting landscapes, and now I’d like to try my hand at a portraiture. Can you think of anyone who would model for me? Manuela would be open to modeling for you.
Lorenz *There’s just a drawing of what looks like a student throwing trash on the ground* Let’s add trash bins all throughout the monastery.
Leonie Q: Let me just ask you straight. What do you think makes a great mercenary? The will to fight for those who can’t protect themselves.
Raphael Q: Meat and vegetables are both delicious, but some people complain about not liking one or the other. I just don’t understand how anyone can snub a good meal! A well-prepared meal should be enjoyed by all
Sylvain Q: I don’t like interfering in squabbles between noble brats, but the parents complain if I don’t. It’s annoying. It could be entertaining to make the parents fight instead.
Shamir Q: I typically decorate with red roses when I host a tea party but lately, I am considering the virtues of variety. Do you have any thoughts on flowers I might try? White lilies are pleasant and calming.
Marianne Q: Being a bit older than everyone else, I want the others to rely on me like an older sister. Is there anything I can do to make myself more approachable? Don’t worry, you already are.
Mercedes Q: There’s someone whose Crest I wish to study. I’ve asked many times, but I can’t get them to consent. There must be some way to persuade them. Nothing beats sincerity
Linhardt Q: I’ve reunited with my daughter after years of being apart, but I’m the one who left her in the first place. I don’t know what to say, or even how to speak to her. Just love her and treat her with kindness.
Rhea Q: I have as many worries as anyone else, but I must always feign dauntlessness. It can be rather taxing at times. Find time to relax every now and then.


After Time Skip

From Question Answer
Annette Q: Sometimes I make really, really big mistakes. But I can’t afford to make mistakes on the battlefield, you know? Isn’t there a way for me to fix that? Just stay calm and be aware of your surroundings.
Dedue Q1: How can I convince someone who is working himself sick to take a break? Invite him to sit down to a relaxing meal.
Ingrid Q: I’m not good at cleaning up. I try my best, but before I know it, everything’s messy again. Cleaning is easy when you have a plan of attack.


This sums up most of the advice box questions and their replies. We’ll keep updating the list as we find out more.